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Taylored Cosmetics Academy
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Unlock Your Natural Beauty with Taylored Cosmetics
At Taylored Cosmetics, we specialise in female profile balancing.
Our mission?
To enhance your natural beauty using personalised treatment plans based on the golden ratio. Say goodbye to self-consciousness and hello to newfound confidence!
No more:
Photo Anxiety: Feel at ease in front of the camera and social settings.
Makeup Cover-Ups: Ditch the concealer—our treatments enhance your features naturally.
Filter Frenzy: Upload unfiltered photos with pride.
Embrace your unique beauty. Contact us today! 🌟
Remember, confidence is the best accessory! 💕
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Taylored Cosmetics: Unlock Your Natural Beauty
At Taylored Cosmetics, we believe true beauty lies in embracing your unique features. Our personalised approach focuses on enhancing your natural beauty, guided by the golden ratio—a mathematical concept that has fascinated artists, architects, and now aesthetic practitioners.
1. The Golden Ratio: Aesthetic Harmony
The golden ratio (often denoted by the Greek letter φ) is a proportion found in nature, art, and architecture. It represents a harmonious balance that our eyes find visually pleasing. When applied to aesthetics, it helps create symmetry and proportion in facial features.
2. Female Profile Balancing: What Is It?
Understanding Facial Proportions: Our team of experts analyses your facial features, considering factors like the forehead, nose, lips, and chin. We assess how these elements relate to one another.
Customised Treatment Plans: No two faces are identical. We tailor treatment plans based on your unique proportions, ensuring a natural and balanced outcome.
Areas of Focus:
Forehead and Brow: Achieving the ideal brow shape and position.
Nose: Enhancing or refining the nose while maintaining harmony with other features.
Lips and Chin: Balancing lip volume, defining the cupid’s bow, and optimising chin projection.
Subtle Enhancements: Our goal is not radical transformation but subtle enhancements that enhance your existing beauty.
3. Benefits of Female Profile Balancing:
Confidence Boost: Imagine feeling confident in every photo, social setting, or video call.
Makeup Freedom: Say goodbye to heavy makeup—our treatments enhance your features naturally.
Authenticity: Embrace your true self without relying on filters or editing tools.
4. The Consultation Process:
Listening to You: We start by understanding your goals, concerns, and vision.
Visual Assessment: Our practitioners use advanced techniques to assess your facial proportions.
Personalized Recommendations: Based on the assessment, we recommend specific treatments.
Treatment Options:
Dermal Fillers: Precise injections to restore volume and balance.
Lip Augmentation: Enhance lip shape and volume.
Chin Contouring: Achieve a harmonious chin profile.
Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping: Refine nasal proportions.
Natural Results: Our focus is on achieving results that look natural and enhance your inherent beauty.
5. Contact Us:
Ready to unlock your natural beauty? Reach out to Taylored Cosmetics today! Whether you’re in Wokingham, Berkshire, or beyond, we’re here to guide you toward confidence and authenticity.
Remember, your unique features are your best asset. Let’s celebrate them together! 🌟
Feel free to explore our website or schedule a consultation. We’re excited to be part of your beauty journey! 💕

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07710 675163
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Unit 11, Indigo House, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 2GY
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