Carnival Hub Time Capsule

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With only a handful of months until it opens in the summer, the Carnival Hub saw its first ever cultural event on Tuesday (22 March) when the borough mayor, Cllr Keith Baker MBE, dedicated a time capsule on site, commemorating the Carnival project and the regeneration of Wokingham town centre. 

Carnival Hub Time Capsule
Photo Credit Kevin Poolman

The Hub is set to become the borough’s flagship new community building, bringing together a large leisure centre and a new home for Wokingham library, along with flexible cultural use of the space. 

The new time capsule will be buried close to the entrance of the Hub alongside the original capsule from 1992 which was recovered when the old Carnival Pool and leisure centre building was demolished in 2020. Both time capsules are set to be opened in 2092, one hundred years from when the original pool building was built, and seventy years from when the new Carnival Hub opens to the community.

The borough mayor, said: “I’m proud to be able to commemorate the Wokingham town centre regeneration. The changes at Elms Field, Peach Place and the Carnival Hub have had such a positive impact on the town centre and it’s a fitting way to mark the work as it nears its end. 

Carnival Hub Time Capsule Opening Date 2092

“When the time capsules are opened in 2092 the contents will help share some of this story with future residents, capturing memories of the town and local lives over the past few years. It will be fascinating for people to see how times had already changed from 1992 to 2022, and in the seventy years since.”  

Echoing the contents of the original 1992 time capsule, the new capsule includes a range of materials including coin and stamp sets from 2022, seeds to grow when the capsule is opened, copies of local and national newspapers, a recent food bill, and a range of photos and information from the original leisure centre, the current build and from Wokingham Library which will be moving into the Hub later this year. 

The capsule will also include letters from the Mayor, and from local resident Sue English, who won a competition to provide content for the 1992 time capsule including a recording of her family talking about their families lives at that time. Sue attended the original dedication thirty years ago and has been invited back to take part in the latest event. 

Sue English, said: “Thirty years ago I never imagined I would be back again so soon. The new Carnival Pool looks like an amazing space. Hopefully families will still be having fun here in seventy years’ time. 

“When we sat around our tape recorder thirty years ago just talking to each other, we had a fun time. I hope someone can still play a memory stick by 2092 and get an idea of our little family unit.” 

Once the new time capsule has been welded shut to protect the contents, both capsules will be buried together in the public area outside the Hub’s entrance and the location marked with an engraved stone slab.  

Work on the Carnival Hub continues to progress quickly with an opening date for the leisure facilities now set as Wednesday 29 June with the Library expected to open later in the summer. 

You can find out more about the Carnival Hub and what will be on offer in the new facility on our website.