Changes to Wokingham school crossing patrols – Eight locations to cease

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Changes to Wokingham school crossing patrols


Wokingham Borough Council continually reviews the value of its non-statutory services, and in this context has been considering the effectiveness of pedestrian crossings as a proven, efficient and safe way of crossing a road.


There are currently eight school crossing patrollers on pedestrian crossings in the Wokingham Borough, but the pedestrian crossings at those sites already give children and others a safe point to cross.


It is proposed the school crossing patrol service at these eight locations should cease at the end of this academic year (July 2017).


The sites affected

The affected sites are: Emmbrook Infant & Junior School, Highwood Primary School, Coombes Primary School, St Peters Primary School, Whiteknights Primary School, Beechwood Primary, Hawthorns Primary School, and Sonning Primary School. These schools have been notified and they, and their affected parents / guardians, have been invited to comment on the proposals.


“Ensuring children can get to school safely is of fundamental importance to us,” said Cllr Malcolm Richards, executive member for highways and transport.


“But these eight sites already have pedestrian crossings giving a safe point to cross.


“Local authorities nationally are facing difficult decisions and Wokingham Borough Council is one of the last councils in the country to look at its school crossing patrol service.


“Also from this October we hope to start civil parking enforcement across the borough, which will help us improve traffic management outside schools.”


School Crossing Patrols

Seven sites with school crossing patrols but no formal crossings are exempt from the proposed changes this year, but the plan is to review them to assess the best ways to ensure children continue to get to school safely.


Consultation on these proposed changes finishes by the end of Wednesday 19 April. Schools, parents and guardians affected by the proposals can take part by emailing comments to: communityengagement@wokingham.gov.uk