Greenways coming to Wokingham

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Wokingham Greenways

Consultation has started on Wokingham Borough Council’s first Greenway, which hopes to link The FBC Centre in Finchampstead via California Country Park to the new homes coming to Arborfield Green on the site of the former Arborfield Garrison.


Greenways are motorised-free routes designed for walkers, cyclists and where possible horse riders. The council hopes to have them within, and between, the major developments coming to the borough.


The consultation for this first Greenway is on Wokingham Borough Council’s website, and is due to finish on March 17.



Greenways provide an alternative to driving to work or school, as well as new leisure opportunities to explore the countryside. It is hoped that, where possible, they will have an all-weather surface and will be wheelchair and mobility impairment friendly. They will also be suitable for cycling, skateboarding and roller blades.


In the consultation draft of this first Greenway there is no provision for equestrian access to The FBC Centre, although this could be amended if there is sufficient demand.


The route for this Greenway is largely fixed but detailed planning now needs to take place. This is why the borough council is inviting public feedback to help shape the final decisions on the design of the western and eastern sections of the Greenway.


“Greenways will provide genuinely attractive options and an alternative to the car for getting around. They will be a major extension to our existing footpaths and cycleways,” said Cllr Angus Ross, executive member for environment.


Commuter Route

“They will be designed as commuter routes to get people from where they live, to where they work or go to school, and will also provide great access to the countryside.


“We want to accommodate the needs of as many groups of people as possible on them. This will involve the space being shared and courtesy and consideration from everyone using them.”



To take part in the consultation visit: http://www.wokingham.gov.uk/news-and-consultation/consultation-and-having-your-say/current-consultations/