Dinton Pastures Fruit Trees Planted – Assisted By Mayor

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Wokingham Borough Council teamed up with Freely Fruity and the Mohanji ACT Foundation UK to plant twenty-nine fruit trees and hundreds of hedgerows at Dinton Pastures Country Park.

The event took place on Saturday 12 March 2022 and was attended by Wokingham Borough Mayor, Cllr Keith Baker MBE.

Dinton Pastures Fruit Trees
Photo credit: The Mohanji ACT Foundation UK

Since launching The Tree Project last year, the council has met several key milestones in its efforts to make the borough clean and green by planting 250,000 trees across Wokingham Borough over the next five years to increase carbon sequestration rates. Carbon sequestration is a process whereby the trees will draw excess CO2 from the atmosphere and store it.

The council has developed a strategy for the planting and maintenance of trees in the borough and by the end of March 2022, over 15,000 trees will have been planted.

Wokingham Borough Mayor Cllr Keith Baker MBE said: “The Tree Project is a fantastic initiative to be part of. Not only will the planting of these new trees improve CO2 levels in the atmosphere, but they will provide shelter for wildlife. The fruit trees will provide food for everyone including residents, birds, animals and insects, and when the fruit drops from the trees, it will fertilise the ground, completing the trees’ natural life cycle.”

The council is also launching a new scheme, Greening the Borough Together, inviting landowners to dedicate space for woodland or hedgerow.