Foster Care Fortnight

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Eight amazing families have become foster carers with Wokingham Borough Council since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Despite the challenges of the last year these people have stepped up to make a difference for young people in the area when they’ve needed it most.

Foster Care Fortnight In Wokingham

And now is the perfect time for more people to join them as we mark the national campaign to recruit foster carers, Foster Care Fortnight 2021 (10-23 May). Wokingham Borough Council is looking to take on at least ten new foster carers, who can provide a secure, happy environment for a child to thrive. In particular, we need people who can provide homes for school-age children, teenagers, siblings and children with disabilities.

One of our new foster families are Marinda and Roger Hiscoe. They started providing homes for young people with the council in 2020 and are thoroughly enjoying the difference they have made so far, especially in light of the challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic.  They started with the council as friends and family foster carers, where you provide care to someone you already know, just over a year ago.

“We did not hesitate to take on the challenge and it all came at such a difficult time in the world,” says Marinda. “Covid arrived and as new foster parents of two teenagers we had to think fast about how to entertain, encourage, love and nurture them though the pandemic as well as through all the things that they were dealing with at the same time. 

“We have done the best we can in a horrid situation but in many ways it made us all a stronger family even though we were not related to the children. We have had highs and lows and at times I have doubted my capabilities. Each day is a new day and we have been very privileged to have the most amazing team around us.

“Our social worker has supported us so brilliantly that we now refer to her as a part of the family. The team are on hand anytime and this is so encouraging when there has been a tough moment for us to deal with.” 

The Hiscoes have had support from a ‘brilliant’ social worker, who has helped them deal with the challenges and get through the tough moments. But they undoubtedly summarise it as a joyful experience.

“Fostering is a calling and if you love children like we do then it is very easy to give your heart to the children that need you,” Marinda added. “Tears are shed and times can be very frustrating but the rewards are wonderful. When children are reunited back with their family it brings the most wonderful joy to your heart. It is hard work and your life is turned upside down but when a child looks at you and is open to your love even though they don’t belong to you….. that is what counts in the end. Love and trust that someone cares.”

Information Events

If you think you could become a foster carer or foster care family like the Hiscoes, then sign up to attend one of our online fostering information events over the next week, these are:

  • 19 May, Wednesday 12.30pm to 2pm
  • 20 May, Thursday 6pm to 7.30pm

Cllr Graham Howe, deputy executive member for children’s services, said: “Come along to one of these online information events to take your first step towards becoming a foster carer with the council. Join our fostering team, social workers and foster carers to find out what it’s like and how you could make a real difference to young people in our borough. Fostering is incredibly rewarding and helps young people to thrive, while offering benefits like council tax exemption and extensive training.”

Further Information

Find out more by emailing fostering@wokingham.gov.uk, call 0118 974 6204 or visit https://fostering.wokingham.gov.uk/