Keep an Eye Out For Voting Poll Cards

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Poll Cards

This week residents will start to receive their poll card from Wokingham Borough Council ahead of the General Election on Thursday June 8.


Poll cards are used to alert electors to the forthcoming election and confirm they are on the electoral roll and eligible to vote. They inform the elector where their polling station is, or if a postal voter, confirm that they are voting by post. They also advise the elector of various election deadlines, such as registering or applying for a postal or proxy vote.


Wokingham Council

If any resident’s don’t receive a poll card by Friday May 19 they are encouraged to visit: www.gov.uk/register-to-vote by Monday May 22 to ensure that they are eligible to vote on June 8. Residents can get a paper copy of the registration form by calling the borough council’s electoral services on (0118) 974 6522.


Wokingham Borough Council’s returning officer Andrew Moulton said: “The arrival of a poll card is a clear indication for residents whether they are on the electoral register or not. Anyone who receives a poll card before Friday May 19 doesn’t need to do anything before polling day, unless they wish to register for postal or proxy vote.


How to regsiter

“However, anyone who doesn’t receive a poll card should visit: www.gov.uk/register-to-vote by Monday May 22 to register to vote.”