New Bin Bags – Delivery Starts Today In Wokingham

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New green food caddy liners and blue general waste bags will start being delivered in Wokingham Borough from Monday (7 February). These will be delivered over a six-week period, with all residents receiving them by mid-March.

New Bin Bags In Wokingham Area

Blue bags

More than five million blue bags will be rolling out across Wokingham borough across the next six weeks. These are for general waste, with each household receiving 80 bags in two rolls of 40 to cover the period between April 2022 and March 2023.

If residents need more blue bags before they are due to be delivered, they can be ordered on our website and collected from one of the locations listed on the website.

Food waste caddy liners

All households will also receive an allocation of 75 food waste bags. Food waste put into the blue general rubbish bags gets disposed of, rots and releases methane, a harmful greenhouse gas. When recycled, food waste can generate energy to power our homes.

Half a caddy of recycled food waste would power a toaster for four slices of bread; six recycled tea bags would produce enough electricity to boil a kettle for a cup of tea. Food waste also breaks down into a liquid fertiliser, rich in nitrogen, used in fields to improve the soil and help grow crops.

If you are  not using the food waste collection service and need indoor and/or outdoor caddies, these can be collected from a number of convenient hubs, listed on the council website.

Reduce waste

Last year, residents in Wokingham borough threw away a massive 36,000 tonnes of rubbish – half of which could have been recycled. The council is urging residents to do more.

Recycling saves the council taxpayer money as it costs less to recycle waste than it does to dispose of it. It also conserves natural resources and saves energy by using recycled instead of raw materials to create new products.

Food waste disposed of in the council’s food caddies is processed and turned into useful energy to power local homes, rather than rotting and producing harmful gases.

Cllr Parry Batth, executive member for environment and leisure says: “We urge residents to cut down on the amount of waste going into their blue bags by using our food waste recycling and green waterproof recycling bag service.  Around 24 per cent of waste going into the blue bags still comes from food waste and a further 25 per cent from other recyclable materials so we all need to do our bit when disposing of household waste.”

New Bin Bags – How To Order More

If you would like more green waterproof recycling bags, you can get up to four more. Either turn up at any of the collection hubs during the opening hours or if you cannot collect or arrange someone to collect on your behalf you may order for delivery but please note this may take more than 14 days.

Complete the simple order form on our recycling bag webpages to get them delivered.

You can sign up to our weekly rubbish and recycling newsletter for updates on the rollout.