Peach Place Drinking Water Fountain Open

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Wokingham town centre got that bit greener this week with the opening of a new drinking water fountain for refilling bottles in the council’s Peach Place development.

Peach Place Drinking Water Fountain

Cllr Charlotte Haitham Taylor, executive member for regeneration, said: “With all the additional footfall coming into Wokingham, with its fantastic new shops opening up, we are keen to incorporate new facilities like this, and the new public toilets into Peach Place. It’s a great location, right in the heart of the town centre, and close to all the local shops, businesses and market stalls.

“With the council’s desire to protect the environment it is little touches like this which will help residents live a greener lifestyle. The new fountain in the square will give visitors to the town centre the opportunity to fill up their own bottles at the touch of a button, reducing reliance on single use plastics as well as reducing the amount of waste generated in the town.”

Peach Place Drinking Water Fountain – Possibly More ?

“We will be monitoring how well the new fountain does in Peach Place and are already in discussions about installing a second one at Elms Field. Our fabulous new park and play area has proven to be a massive hit with local residents over the summer, with people coming to visit from all over the borough and we really feel it would benefit from something like this.

Peach Place Drinking Water Fountain

“If they prove a success in Wokingham town centre, it is certainly something the council will look at incorporating into other future projects across the borough when suitable locations are developed.”

Public Toilets

Elsewhere in Peach Place, work is almost complete on the new public toilets which will be opening to the public shortly.  Keep an eye on the council’s news channels, websites, twitter for more information soon.