Peach Place Works Update

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The new Wokingham town square at PeachPlace is on track to open this month (April) and there is a chance for a sneak preview this weekend.

Peach Place will bring acontinental-style pedestrian quarter to the heart of Wokingham, with stylishcafes and bars as well as more independent shops and high street favourites dueto open in the months ahead.

New Shops & Bars

These new arrivals will join thosebusinesses already on site, including the town’s first vinyl record store formany years, Beyond the Download, now open in Rose Street. Others on their way includelocal beauty salon Eden Lounge, which will be relocating from its current homein Peach Street.

Bernie Pich, assistant director forcommercial property, said: “It is going to be an exciting summer for WokinghamTown Centre with new places to eat, drink, shop and socialise due to springup. 

“Beyond the Download is just the sortof businesses we have been targeting. They offer something completely differentfor Wokingham and, with their great range of stock and live music events intheir store, they are already proving a real hit with music lovers in the town.The 12th UK Record Store Day is taking place this Saturday (April13) the shop has many exciting things planned for the day.

“It’s not just about the newbusinesses opening in the space but also about the wider things it brings tothe town centre, like a lovely pedestrianised space with seating and plantingwhich will be great for relaxing or events. There are also the added extras atPeach Place such as new accessible public toilets which will be free to use, adrinking water fountain where people can fill up bottles and, in conjunctionwith My Journey which helps promote sustainable travel across the borough, lotsof new cycle stands and an integrated bicycle pump to help with bike repairs.”

New Contractor

Since starting on site in March, thecouncil’s new contractor CTS has been making good progress and opened Beyondthe Download on the original planned dates. CTS has been working closely withall the businesses fitting out in the new square with the aim to get the newsquare open as quickly as possible.

“We know local residents have beenkeen to hear what’s been happening on site and, like us have been disappointedby the recent delay, said Mr Pich. “CTS is confident it should be able tocomplete the necessary works to open the square by the end of April. We arejust in the process of finalising dates so look out for more announcementssoon.

“Unfortunately this work was hamperedby the gas works taking place adjacent to the entrance to the new square onRose Street. These utilities works were more extensive than SGN expected andhave taken much longer to complete than expected. With SGN finished on site,CTS will be able to move ahead with finishing the final works needed to openPeach Place.

“Whilst the new square will be openingup later in April, in the interim, we thought it would be nice to open up thesquare for a day on Saturday April 13 so people can come along and have a lookaround to see how great it’s looking and what a fantastic space it will be forthe town centre.”

Peach Place Square

People will be able to visit the newPeach Place square on Saturday April 13 from 8am to 5.30pm. Access will be fromthe entrance at the end of Bush Walk or from the arcade next to GAIL’s artisanbakers.