Polling Station Places & Districts Being Reviewed In Wokingham

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Polling Station Places & Districts

Wokingham Borough Council wants to know your opinion of its polling districts and places as it begins a formal review of polling stations and districts.


In line with Electoral Registration Act 2013, the Council needs to review its polling districts and places every five years. The last review was undertaken in 2013.


Residents and stakeholders have until 16 November this year to give their reviews and recommendations, including potential issues regarding accessibility and facilities for people with disabilities. After this a working group will consider the responses and report its recommendations to the Council. Any changes will be implemented by 2020.




Andrew Moulton, returning officer, said: “We’re looking for feedback on any aspect of the polling district or place. As our population is growing, we want to ensure that polling places are convenient and accessible for all, and boundaries well defined. Residents, community groups and those with a particular interest such as disabled charities are all invited to respond, so please get in touch.”




Residents and stakeholders are encouraged to suggest alternative polling districts or places where appropriate. More information about the review is available on our website by visiting www.wokingham.gov.uk and searching “polling district review”.