Self Build Homes Coming To Wokingham

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WokinghamBorough Council’s decision-making executive has approved the council’s firstself-build housing project at its meeting on January 31. The project will see21 self-build plots of land at Wheatsheaf Close made available to WokinghamBorough residents.

Eightof the plots will be sold to self-builders on the open market, which will helpoffset the cost of the remaining 13 plots, which will be available toself-builders on a shared ownership basis to help residents get onto thehousing ladder. The council will retain the freehold to all of the shared ownershipunits. All the plots will be prioritised for applicants on the council’sself-build register who meet the local connection criteria.

Feasibilitywork suggests that four 2-bedroom houses, twelve 3-bedroom houses, four4-bedroom houses and one 5-bedroom house would work on the site. This maychange as the project develops.

Next Step

Thenext step is to appoint a project manager for the development. The projectmanager will facilitate this community-led scheme, bringing together localresidents and self-builders to develop plans for the site in conjunction withWokingham Borough Council and Wokingham Housing Ltd.

Itis currently anticipated that an outline planning application, including aclear design guide to ensure consistent and high quality design is achievedacross the development, will be submitted in 2020.

Self Build Register

Thecouncil has a self-build register, which is a scheme to identify people wantingto build or commission their own home in the Borough. For more information orto apply to go on the self-build register, visit the council’s website at: www.wokingham.gov.ukand search ‘self-build’.

Executivemember for health and wellbeing, adult social care and housing Cllr Parry Batthsaid, “This is a great opportunity for residents across the Borough who areinterested in building their own home to have a chance to do it. We areparticularly excited about the 13 plots that will be available under a sharedownership scheme as this will allow our residents who would not be able toafford to build their own home without some financial help the opportunity todo so—this is designed to help those first time buyers looking to get on thehousing ladder.”

“Ifyou have any interest in building your own home, get on our self-build registernow to be notified about how to apply for one of these self-build plots.”