Stress Awareness Month

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Stress Awareness Month

This April is Stress Awareness Month, and two local businessmen, Dr Neil Parret and Luca Rado are on a mission to change the lives of an estimated 7 million carers across the UK, many of whom suffer stress and mental health problems as a result of caring for relatives or loved ones.


A report by The Carers Trust found that 68.8% of older carers say that being a carer has an adverse effect on their mental health. Many who seek help or respite care to help ease the burden often find it time consuming, confusing and expensive, especially when using a traditional care agency – meaning they often go without the support they need which only adds to their distress.


Luckily, things are changing and help is at hand thanks to Neil and Luca who have brought both their professional and personal knowledge of the care industry together to form Helpd, a quality online home care service with a difference, one that you can trust to help find your ideal carer without the high costs of a traditional care agency. Ultimately this means more choice, flexibility and less expense for the families needing the care, and a fairer deal for the person providing the care.


Neil and Luca


Neil and Luca both have first-hand experience of trying to find the right carer for family members and it is after experiencing these difficulties that they developed a passion to change the system for the better which has spurred them on to set up Helpd.


As a Consultant, Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Neil Parrett has a deep understanding of the value of continuity of care and the benefit of a positive client-carer relationship. Through his work, he also deals first-hand with those suffering from stress and anxiety caused by the pressure of caring for loved ones. Having worked in the field of physical and mental disability in the public, charitable and private sector throughout his career, Neil is also passionate about helping individuals to remain at home where they can be cared for with compassion in a comfortable and familiar environment.


Having experience in looking for quality home support for his father, Luca Rado was frustrated by how complicated finding a suitable candidate was. Luca has a broad knowledge of both the care industry, financial services, recruitment and has worked in many senior management roles. When Neil approached him with the idea of Helpd as a way of making the care contract better and simpler for carers and clients by giving more choice, stability and control, Luca knew this was a fantastic idea that would revolutionize the way we seek out quality home care in the UK.


More About Helpd


Helpd is an online service, bringing together people looking for outstanding local care and experienced carers looking for a rewarding and fulfilling career. Its user-friendly website means you’re just a few clicks away from finding a quality carer local to you. Because you book a carer directly via our online platform there is total continuity of care with all of the clear benefits that this brings. We also have much lower costs than a traditional care agency, which saves you money and also means the carer receives a far better rate of pay. Rest assured, our carers are rigorously vetted and come highly recommended.





To mark Stress Awareness Month, Helpd are offering all new clients who book a carer, 7 days’ care for the price of 6. To book, email 7for6@helpd.co.uk or call 0118 449 2373. (T&C’s apply).

If you would like to find out more about Helpd and why it offers a fresh approach to care and how it’s simple, uncomplicated process can help reduce stress, visit www.helpd.co.uk


Stress Awareness Month 2018

You can find out more about the impact of stress on carers by visiting the Carers Trust website: https://carers.org/key-facts-about-carers-and-people-they-care