The Ridges In Finchampstead Will Be Closed For Up To A Year

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The Ridges in Finchampstead will be closed for up to a year to repair a collapsed section of road. A closure has been in place since last month after a section of the road began to collapse.

The Ridges In Finchampstead

After extensive assessment by engineers on behalf of the council, work to carry out repairs will likely take place later this year, between the Finchampstead war memorial and Dell Road. The road is next to a steep hill, which is moving and could cause the road to collapse further. The road is completely closed and should be avoided until repairs are made when the road will reopen.

The council has begun further investigations into the collapse and will continue these over the next few months. These will look at underlying road structure, drainage systems in the area and underlying earth structure in the area. Fixing this road is not straightforward and requires extensive investigation and potential repair.

The Ridges In Finchampstead

Work will then begin to assess options and create a detailed design to provide a permanent solution to the issues which caused the collapse. Our teams hope to be on site to complete the work and remedy the problem during autumn 2021, with a target to get the road reopened as soon as possible. This could take the work into spring 2022 depending on the scale of work required.

The Ridges In Finchampstead, Road Diversions

A road closure has been put in place between the junction with Jubilee Road, near the Finchampstead war memorial, and the Lower Wokingham Road/Wellingtonia Avenue roundabout. The diversion route is Lower Wokingham Road, Nine Mile Ride, Finchampstead Road and Jubilee Road, or this route in reverse. Access will be maintained for residents living in the area.

Concrete blocks have been installed around the dangerous area to ensure no vehicles can pass along it. Lower Sandhurst Road, Dell Road and Cricket Hill have a width restriction to vehicles wider than six-foot and six-inches, which will be enforced while this closure is in place. This is to help tackle rat running in the area.

Andy Glencross, assistant director for highways, said: “We have begun our surveys and technical assessments of the road and surrounding area as we look to get further information before designing and implementing a fix on the road. This will take time but the work being done now will ensure the long-term safety of the road and all those who use it. We will get the road open again as quickly as we can and once it is safe to do so as we know the closure will cause increased traffic on other roads in the surrounding area.

More Information

More information about the extents of the road closure can be found on the One Network website.