Wokingham Blue Rubbish Bags Being Delivered Now

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Delivery of more than five millionblue waste bags by Wokingham Borough Council will start today (Monday 21January).

The bags, which households use for waste that cannot be recycled, will takeapproximately five weeks to deliver. Each household will receive 80 bags in tworolls of 40 to cover the period between April 2019 and March 2020. They are beingdelivered slightly earlier this year to allow for the delivery of food wastecontainers and liners to households in time for the start of food wastecollections in April.

This year’s bags will be revertingback to the previous design of two handles. The size and quality of the bagsremains the same. Crews can only collect waste in these council branded bags.

Waste collections will continue to be on a weekly basis and the number of bagseach household receives will not reduce.

There will be changes in the garden waste collection day for some residents andthose affected will be notified by letter. All other collections remainunchanged for 2019/20 and any residents who are unsure of their day can use thepostcode search on the council’s website at: www.wokingham.gov.uk (search for‘bin day’).

Food Waste

Food waste collections will beintroduced to most households in the Borough from April 2019. In preparation,crews will be delivering an outdoor container, kitchen caddy and a roll ofcaddy liners to households in the Borough from March. Food waste collectionswill take place at the same time as current blue bag and mixed recyclingcollections from April. Flats are not included in the initial roll out. Moreinformation about the roll out is available on the council’s website (searchfor ‘food waste collections’).

Any residents who need additionalrecycling boxes can request them online via the council’s website (search for ‘recycling’).

Brown Bags

Households can also purchase brownbags for green waste collection if they do not need a green waste bin on thecouncil’s website (search for ‘garden waste’).

Cllr John Halsall, executive member for environment, leisure and libraries,said: “While the allocation takes residents up until the end of March 2020.We hope that with last year’s increase in items of what can be recycled inkerbside collections, as well as the upcoming roll out of food wastecollections in April, we can see a significant reduction in the amount ofhousehold waste that we produce as a Borough. Our aim is to recycle at least 50%of all waste in the Borough by 2020.”

Blue bags were first introduced backin 2012 to restrict the volume of waste per household to approximately 120litres per week. This is the equivalent of a fortnightly 240 litre wheeled bincollection but with the extra flexibility of weekly collection and the abilityto put out more waste for collection on some weeks and less in other. Whenintroduced, the service resulted in a 30% reduction of residual waste withinthe first year.

Track Delivery

Anyone wishing to know when theirallocation will be delivered can do so by visiting the council’s website(search for ‘annual bin bag delivery’). 

Any new residents to the Borough, or anyone needing to register as a largerhousehold, can visit the council’s website (search for ‘rubbish’) or bycontacting the borough council’s customer delivery team.