Wokingham Council Ramps Up CCTV Surveillance To Catch Fly-Tippers

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Wokingham Borough Council has ramped up installation of CCTV cameras in a bid to crack down on illegal fly-tipping. Following on from the council’s investigatory work in successfully issuing Fixed Penalty Notices to fly-tippers, the overt CCTV cameras, which are moved regularly, have been installed throughout the borough.

Since June, a total of twenty-three fly-tippers were identified as responsible for dumping waste in the borough and have been issued with Fixed Penalty Notices varying from £80 to £400, equaling a total of £2,460 worth of fines. The fly-tippers were given 28 days to pay their Fixed Penalty Notices.

CCTV Surveillance To Catch Fly-Tippers

In addition to the borough’s existing surveillance, additional CCTV cameras have been installed throughout fly-tipping hot spots. The CCTV cameras operate twenty-four seven and are moved regularly to different locations. ‘We are watching you’ signage has also been installed warning potential fly-tippers that surveillance is in place.

Executive member for neighbourhood and communities Cllr Bill Soane said, “At Wokingham Borough Council, we do not tolerate fly-tipping and our localities team investigates every fly-tipping incident.

We are ramping up efforts to deter fly-tipping to help keep the borough clean and green. I’m pleased to announce that the good work we have done so far has been successful and we are noticing less fly-tipping at locations where our new cameras and signage have been installed.

“We have noticed that the most commonly fly-tipped items include household waste and are appealing to residents to dispose of their rubbish responsibly and legally by either visiting the local Re3 recycling centre, using the council’s large unwanted items service, or ensuring that any waste provider used carries a valid Waste Carrier’s Licence. Your rubbish is your responsibility and if we trace items back to you, you will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice.”

Residents are reminded to ensure anyone you use to remove waste from your property has a valid Waste Carrier’s Licence and is authorised to do so. Use the waste carrier quick check tool by visiting the Environment Agency’s website here or visit the Right Waste Right Place website to help you check.

Large Unwanted Items

Residents can also make use of Wokingham Borough Council’s large unwanted items service, which collects a wide range of goods from carpets to washing machines. You can dispose of up to five large items for a charge of £56 using this service. Find out more here by visiting the council’s website.  In addition, waste and recycling can also be disposed of at the Re3 recycling centres, including Longshot Lane, Bracknell, or Smallmead, Reading. Visit the re3website for more details