Wokingham Council To Offer Paperless Bills

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Wokingham Borough residents can now choose to receive their Council Tax bills and/or benefit notifications online, instead of in the post.

The move to paperless e-billing and e-notifications enhances the existing online Council Tax ‘My Account’ for residents, available via the council’s website. Not only is it more environmentally friendly – Wokingham Borough Council declared a climate emergency earlier this year pledging to become carbon neutral by 2030 – but it also offers a secure and real time service.

E-Billing / Paperless Bills

The ability to opt for paperless e-billing and e-notifications follows a successful trial with positive feedback from those residents taking part. The council also introduced online claiming for Housing Benefit and Council Tax last year, again reducing the amount of paper forms being issued.

“Save time, do it online on your mobile, tablet or computer” said Sarah Hollamby, the council’s director of locality and customer services. “You have instant access to your Council Tax details and can do a host of things 24/7 at a time that suits you. Online means you can action things instantaneously, do less damage to the environment because less paper is involved, and it gives you greater control on how you manage your financial affairs.”

Residents with an online Council Tax ‘My Account’ can:

·         Switch to paperless billing

·         Check their balance, see due instalments and payments received

·         View bills online and print them if they wish

·         Access issued reminders, final notices and summons

·         See Council Tax Reduction claim information

·         Update their personal details

·         Tell us they are moving

·         Set up a direct debit

·         Apply for discounts and exemptions

·         If they are a landlord, tell us about tenancy changes

·         Search their Council Tax band

·         Make a payment

To Sign Up For Paperless Bills

To sign up for an account, or opt-in to paperless e-billing for those already with an account, visit: https://www.wokingham.gov.uk/council-tax/council-tax-payments/access-my-account/

Residents already receiving Housing Benefit/Council Tax reduction can:

•   View their Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction notifications as soon as they are available and

     keep a copy on file

•   Still have the choice to download and print their notifications

•   Redistribute copies of their notifications quickly and electronically

•   Avoid notifications being delayed in the post

To sign up to receive e-notifications please visit www.wokingham.gov.uk/benefits/housing-benefit/paperless-housing-benefit-and-council-tax-reduction-notifications/ and follow the instructions on how to register.